Personal Data Management

2018 Appendix to Constitution: St Andrews & NE Fife Ramblers Group Policy for General Data Protection Regulations, Communication & Management


  1. With respect to this Policy, communication means by post, email or telephone, including mobile phone and texting.
  2. The Group Committee will maintain and implement all data management in accordance with this Policy, as approved by Group members at Annual General Meetings.
  3. The Policy shall be incorporated into the Group Constitution.
  4. Personal Data shall refer to member name, address, telephone number, email (if applicable) and photographs  taken during Group activities.
  5. Member Personal Data shall not be provided by the Group to anyone outside the Group without their consent.
  6. As a member of Ramblers, Group members have consented to the use of their Personal Data for all Group walking, training and social activities unless such consent has been rescinded through written or email contact with Group Secretary.
  7. In respect to Group Photographs, unless the leader is advised at start of walk or activity, consent to take photographs will be assumed.
  8. Where Group member has provided email address to Group Secretary but not Ramblers UK, the Group Secretary may provide such address to Ramblers UK , unless member refuses permission.
  9. No social media will be used by Group.
  10. The Group will continue its own Group website, unless members request its cessation at AGM.
  11. The Group will use “bcc” not “cc” field when sending out group emails. Emails will also include information on how individuals can be removed from mailing list.
  12. As it is Group policy only to accept children (under 18) at walks or events if they are accompanied by a responsible adult, the use of child personal data, including photographs, must be consented by a responsible adult.
  13. Members not on email shall not receive copies of all Group email communications due to excessive postal cost but Group Secretary shall ensure critical information, such as changes in Club Constitution, AGM Notice are posted to members not on email. Non-email members may arrange, at their discretion and with assistance of Group Secretary, an agreed “email buddy” in order to obtain paper copies of all Group email communications.
  14. Ramblers data digitisation will be managed by Ramblers UK on behalf of all Groups and members, including provision of digital Apps for personal use by members on their smart phones, tablets and/or computers. Such use will include password controlled access to Ramblers Insight Hub providing access to Ramblers digitised information.
  15. The Group shall have no responsibility for providing Hub based information to members unable or unwilling to access the Hub (insight.ramblers.org.uk), except in case of paper-based Group Walk Programmes ever being superceded by digital programmes.
  16. Digital Walk Registers, as preferred by Ramblers, shall not be used by the Group, nor shall there be a paper based Register with walkers’ personal data. A Walk Logbook will be completed by Walk Leaders with non-personal data, such as walk numbers, guest numbers etc; the Logbook shall record any accidents, confirming completion of any Accident Forms (Ramblers UK format)
  17. Group Secretary and other Group Volunteers shall hold personal data only as long as needed to complete Group task for which it is required. Personal data should be destroyed as soon as possible. In case of Membership Data and other Group Communications held by Group Secretary, these shall be archived on an  encrypted hard drive ; those held on Secretary’s personal computer shall be only as long as he/she remains in post. When Ramblers digital Hub is launched to include Membership Data, the Secretary will cease holding such data.
  18. Where concerns, complaints or other issues arise with this Policy, the Group Secretary shall attempt resolution or pass on to Ramblers UK. Group members have the right to contact Ramblers UK direct, without reference to Group Secretary.
  19. It should be noted that the Group shall comply with General Data Protection Regulations, but in case of any breach, Ramblers UK are liable to fine not individual member or Office Bearer.


Approved at AGM on 5th November 2018

Ramblers Privacy Policy 

The processing of your personal data is carried out by or on behalf of the Ramblers. The Ramblers Association is a registered charity in England & Wales No: 1093577, and in Scotland No: SC039799. We are registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner for the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, data controller number Z7904496.

We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining the security of your personal information. This policy outlines how and why we collect and use personal data. We want to ensure you are informed and in control of your data.

Please be assured that we will never sell your personal data, and will only ever share it with third parties where we have your permission and/or where it is necessary for us to fulfil a contract or service obligation.

Full details on Ramblers website: https://www.ramblers.org.uk/technical-stuff/privacy-policy.aspx

Quick Guide for use of Personal Data

Click here for short guide on use of personal data. Refer to Group Secretary for more detailed information on Ramblers & Group policies on data management




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