28 May 2018Training for Walk Leaders

A Walk Leader Training day has been confirmed to take place on Wednesday 11 July 2018 from 9.00 to 17.00hrs at Cupar Community Fire Station and booking on eventbright will soon be available.

Several walk leaders have requested navigation training so there will be a meeting with a trained Mountain Leader on 11 June to arrange Navigation Training at Cupar Community Fire Station for up to 6 Ramblers.  The course will be 12 hours duration following the NNAS bronze syllabus.  The link to course information is -  https://nnas.org.uk/national-navigation-award-scheme/bronze-national-navigation-award/.

The training will not involve an examination therefore no certificate will be gained.  It will probably be three 4 hourly sessions and no dates or times have been arranged.  No charge is being requested for the training but obviously donations for the room hire are needed and may wish also to show appreciation to the trainer.  A £20 donation for each venue booking of 4 hours (£60 in total) would be in order.  Therefore the cost to each participant would probably be £10 to £15.  If members are interested in this we will check to see if any financial help is available from The Ramblers HQ or Area Group. At this early stage of planning  the training in September is possible.

Contact Stewart Collier for more information.

22 May 2018Personal Data Management

After significant time, debate and review of Ramblers UK guidance, the Group Committee agreed on policy to handle Group personal data. This has been described in letter and policy sent out to all members by email or post.

22nd May 2018

Dear Member,

Your data privacy is a top priority of Ramblers and the protection of data is at the centre of everything we do. As part of the upcoming changes in legislation under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we want to reassure you that:

Ramblers value privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data and your privacy in the way we use, store, process and protect your personal data entrusted to us.

Ramblers do not sell any of your data.

Ramblers will continue to protect your personal data and your Group has taken a number of steps to strengthen and enhance our privacy practices:

The Group Committee has developed a Personal Data Policy below to meet GDPR. Compliance with the Policy and necessary updates will be subject to regular review by the Group Convenor and at the Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with Ramblers GDPR Guidance, The Group Committee has reviewed how the Personal Data Policy  should be best applied to the storage and use of your personal data—name, address, telephone number, email (if applicable), photograph  taken during Group activities for intended publicity use outside the Group including Group website

In months to come, you may note a number of minor changes in how we manage the Walks Programme ,Walks Register, Group Website and where deemed necessary, seek individual oral or written consent for specific uses of personal data eg publishing photographs, booking Group holiday

By continued use of Group Walks Programmes, completion of Walk Register when walking, use of Group website, acceptance of Group Newsletters and Group email and postal communications, your continued acceptance of the Group’s use of your Personal Data will be assumed, unless advised otherwise.


Ramblers will be contacting all UK members by email or post to reconsent the use of members’ personal data for membership management, issuing Walks Programmes, Newsletters and other Group communications by post, email, and/or phone. The Group Committee will be advised of our members’ consents and will assure their compliance.


If you have any concerns over the use of your personal data by Ramblers UK or the Group, please advise any member of the Group Committee who will investigate and ensure a response.

 Will Aitken

Will Aitken
Group Secretary & Walks Coordinator





Group Policy for Personal Data Management

The Group Committee will maintain and implement all data management for the Group in accordance with Ramblers Privacy Policy and compliance with this Group Policy will be assured by Group Convenor through reviews carried out at least twice per year at Group Committee Meetings.


The Annual General Meeting shall include an annual report on the Personal Data Management Policy and compliance, and the Policy shall be incorporated into the Group Constitution.


Personal Data shall refer to member or non-member name, address, telephone number, email (if applicable) and photograph  taken during Group activities for intended publicity use outside the Group, including Group website.


The Group shall not use or provide any Personal Data to others for retail marketing purposes.


Except where deemed necessary by the Group Committee for specific activities or uses outwith normal walking programmes and Group information communications, it will not normally be required to seek individual written or oral consent for use of personal data within the Group, subject to Group compliance with members’ consent options listed in Ramblers Membership Database.


Other than Group website, there will be no social media used by Group for Group Activities and Personal Data Management


It shall be Group policy only to accept children (under 18) at walks or events if they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Thus use of child personal data, including photographs, must be consented by responsible adult.


The Group will use “bcc” not “cc” field when sending out group emails. Emails will also include information on how individuals can be removed from mailing list.


This Policy has been approved by Group Committee for implementation on 25th May 2018 and is subject to ratification by members at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.


09 April 2018Summer Group Walks

Have been asked to provide the list of our own Group walks, normally in Newsletter. These can now be found here

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