03 December 2017Change to Walk on 20th December

Due to shorter day, the start time for this walk has been moved forward to 1pm. If meeting at Fluthers Car park, this should now be at 12:30pm

29 November 2017Ramblers Routes

For access to Ramblers own walks listing , maps and details, refer to new link added to Link page. May have to register on the website to get full details of some walks

29 November 2017Core Paths

Maps and other information about Core Walking Paths in Fife where there is clear right to walk, can be found on Fife Council website--refer to Link Page for access

29 November 2017Area Website

To find out about our Ramblers Area who work together and issue joint Walking Programme every 6 months, click on Area Website or go to Link Page

28 November 2017Area Annual Report

The Annual Report was presented at Area AGM on 25th Nov. The Area AGM Minutes will be added to the website when they become available. 

26 November 2017Access Rights

As walkers, we are often inhibited by "Private Road" signs, locked gates etc from walking in the country. To provide some help with the law on access, a new page on Access Rights has now been added. It contains guides for Scotland and for England/Wales where law is different.

14 November 2017Group AGM

Please find attached the minutes of Group AGM

will aitken

07 November 2017Bruar Falls

We have had an email from John Andrews to advise that there is emergency tree felling being undertaken in the Bruar Falls area at the moment. This means that access around the Falls and also the core path is going to be restricted until the end of February 2018
Please notify all your walking friends about this in case they have walks planned in the area